XCSoar Maps (english)

Better maps for XCSoar

The maps from the xcsoar project are quite okay for gliders or fast ultralight planes with their high speed flying.
But for much slower sport pilots like paraglider, hang glider, powered paraglider or trikes they lack information, such as

  • smaller roads
  • smaller lakes
  • obstacles like wind generators oder towers
  • smaller towns
  • all railway lines and railway stations
  • powerlines  and electrical towers and
  • petrol stations

Example: Mt. Caburn in England   (sorry, I don’t fly in England, I don’t know if it’s a good example)

Highest detail you can get from xcsoar.
My generated maps: (*)
You can see the difference.
If you want to get involved in the project please contact me: webmaster AT skyfool.de

My English is a bit rusty, but you will understand me 😉

(*)The xcsoar project uses the data from the OSM-project to generate the maps. So do I, but with much higher detail.
But keep in mind: if a detail is not covered on OSM-Maps, it will not covered here. If you miss something: Get involved and update your area!



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